Query Packager

Available since version 1.8.0


ACS AEM Commons Query Packager faciliates the creation of CQ Packages based on XPath, JCR-SQL, JCR-SQL2, or QueryBuilder query results.

How to Use

  • Log in to AEM Author
  • Navigate to the Classic UI Tools Console (from the Touch UI, this is Tools:Operations:Configuration)
  • Under the acs-commmons folder, create a folder named packagers
  • Under the packagers folder, create a new Page of Template type “Query Packager” image
  • Use the Edit dialog to configure the package rules and configuration image
  • The Preview button output a list of the package filter entries which will be included. image
  • The Create Package button (cut off in the above screenshot!)… creates the package image
  • Now that the Package definition has been created, go to CRX Package Manager by clicking on one of the links in the result message, Build and Download the package. image
Please report any issues with the Feature or documentation on the ACS AEM Commons GitHub Issue tracker.
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