Asset Edit History

Available since version 3.1.0

This feature is AEM 6.2+ ONLY!


Images and documented edited with Adobe creative applications contain a variety of interesting metadata automatically inserted into them using the XMP metadata standard. AEM provides components for viewing and editing simple text and numeric values but in some cases, the metadata is defined in a structure and so the primitive fields can’t display them properly.

How to Use

In order to take advantage of the automatic activation of any of these components, it is necessary to activate an OSGi component which handles the activation.

To do this, create a new node named com.adobe.acs.commons.dam.impl.CustomComponentActivatorListServlet of type sling:OsgiConfig in any valid config folder in the repository.


The History component displays the content of the xmpMM:History structure showing the edit history of an asset.



To activate this component, add a new disabled text field with the “Map to property” setting of ./jcr:content/metadata/xmpMM:History.

History Activation