AEM Cloud Services

Available since version 1.2.0

Typekit Cloud Service

Typekit Cloud Service

Use your fonts!

ShareThis Cloud Services

ShareThis Cloud Services

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General Requirements

In order to use these Cloud Services, ensure that the Cloud Service configuration components are included in both the head and body of the page. This typically is done by including <cq:include script="/libs/cq/cloudserviceconfigs/components/servicelibs/servicelibs.jsp"/> in headlibs.jsp and <cq:include path="cloudservices" resourceType="cq/cloudserviceconfigs/components/servicecomponents"/> in body.jsp. If you run into trouble with these Cloud Services, compare your page component scripts to the Foundation page component.

Special Requirement when using AEM 6.1+

On AEM 6.1, use of these components generally require enabling of the CQ Configuration Manager component, which is disabled by default. This is required for cross-compatibility with AEM 6.0 and AEM 6.1.


This must be done in both author and publish.

Please report any issues with the Feature or documentation on the ACS AEM Commons GitHub Issue tracker.