Component Helper


Available since version 1.0.0

Why is this deprecated?

Since 6.0, HTL should be used to develop components. HTL and SlingModels provide better facilities for achieving the same functionality provided in ComponentHelper, thus it is deprecated.


Provide a simple abstraction for creating CQ-specific markup that drive component-based authoring elements like drop-targets and placeholder icons.


The most common use case of the ComponentHelper is to control the execution of a component JSP based on it configured status.

// Get the ComponentHelper Service
ComponentHelper componentHelper = sling.getService(ComponentHelper.class);

// Initialize component
String title = properties.get("title", "");
String description = properties.get("description", "");

boolean hasTitle = title.length() > 5;
boolean hasDescription = description.length() > 10;

%><% if(componentHelper.printEditBlockOrNothing(slingRequest, slingResponse, 
        WCMEditType.TITLE, hasTitle, hasDescription) {
// If (hasTitle && hasDescription) == false, then print out the Title placeholder image and stop further execution of this component. This will also intelligently build out drop-targets based on the components cq:editConfigs
} %>
<%-- Else all conditions are true so display the component --%>
<h2><cq:text property="title"/></h2>
<p><cq:text property="description"/></p>
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