Oak Index Manager


Available since version 1.7.0

Why is this deprecated?

AEM 6.2+ now contains a better and more current version of Oak Index Manager located at:


Finding and reindexing Oak Indexes in AEM6 can be a chore as the number of indexes grow large. Oak Index Manager provides a simple WebUI for viewing existing indexes, if they are re-indexing and the ability to initiate re-indexing.


An AEM6 Oak-based repository is required. This does not work with a Jackrabbit 2/CRX2 based repository.

How to Use

  1. Install the ACS AEM Commons package
  2. As the “admin” user, open Tools > ACS Commons > Oak Index Manager



Re-indexing can be an expensive operation. Please ensure you understand the impact of the system before performing a reindex, and especially a bulk re-index.