Component Placeholders


Available since version 1.5.0

Why is the deprecated?

Since AEM 6.2, you should be developing for UI, which does not have the image-placeholder paradigm.


ACS AEM Commons adds some helper CSS classes for creating nice component placeholders for the AEM Classic UI:

Extra Icons

  • cq-ad-placeholder - Money, Advertisements
  • cq-audio-placeholder - Audio
  • cq-ul-placeholder - List
  • cq-dl-placeholder - Definitions


  • cq-block-placeholder: 192px height
  • cq-block-sm-placeholder: 96px height
  • cq-block-lg-placehodler: 384px height

All are 100% width.

Note that sizes can be used with the standard placeholder classes as well:

  • cq-gadget-placeholder
  • cq-chart-placeholder
  • cq-image-placeholder
  • cq-video-placeholder
  • cq-text-placeholder
  • cq-title-placeholder
  • cq-file-placeholder
  • cq-feedlink-placeholder
  • cq-list-placeholder
  • cq-carousel-placeholder
  • cq-reference-placeholder
  • cq-flash-placeholder
  • cq-teaser-placeholder
  • cq-table-placeholder

How To Use

JSP Tag (Since 1.6.0)

You can also use a custom JSP tag to add placeholders.

First, add the declaration:

<%@ taglib prefix="wcm" uri="" %>

Then use the placeholder tag. To use a class-based placeholder:

<wcm:placeholder classNames="cq-audio-placeholder cq-block-placeholder" ddType="audio" />

Placeholders can also be arbitrary text or HTML:

<wcm:placeholder>You need to specify the column widths.</wcm:placeholder>

In Touch UI mode, the component’s title will always be output instead of any custom placeholder text or image.


     Placeholder.getDefaultPlaceholder(slingRequest, component,
      "<img class='cq-dl-placeholder cq-block-placeholder' src='/etc/designs/default/0.gif'/>"


<img class="cq-audio-placeholder cq-block-sm-placeholder" src="/etc/designs/default/0.gif"/>
<img class="cq-ad-placeholder cq-block-placeholder" src="/etc/designs/default/0.gif"/>
<img class="cq-carousel-placeholder cq-block-lg-placeholder" src="/etc/designs/default/0.gif"/>

Yields the following ..

Sample Placeholderes


Drag and Drop can be easily added to these placeholders via the extra CSS class cq-dd-<drop-target name> where drop-target name matches the cq:EditConfig dropTarget node name.

<img class="cq-audio-placeholder cq-block-sm-placeholder cq-dd-audio" src="/etc/designs/default/0.gif"/>
<img class="cq-image-placeholder cq-block-lg-placeholder cq-dd-image" src="/etc/designs/default/0.gif"/>
Please report any issues with the Feature or documentation on the ACS AEM Commons GitHub Issue tracker.