WCMMode Tags & Functions


Available since version 1.0.0

Why is this deprecated?

Since AEM 6.0, you should be developing using HTL which does not support taglibs, but has its own wcmmode support.


Provide simple JSP custom tags and EL functions for determining the WCMMode.


First, add the taglib declaration:

<%@ taglib prefix="wcmmode" uri="http://www.adobe.com/consulting/acs-aem-commons/wcmmode" %>


JSP tags available are:

  • <wcmmode:edit>
  • <wcmmode:design>
  • <wcmmode:preview>
  • <wcmmode:disabled>

In each case, the body of the tag will be evaluated if the current WCMMode matches the tag name, e.g.

This will be output in EDIT mode.

Each tag also takes a not parameter which can be used to invert the logic, e.g.

<wcmmode:edit not="true">
This will be output in everything except EDIT mode.


EL Functions available are:

  • wcmmode:isEdit(pageContext)
  • wcmmode:isDesign(pageContext)
  • wcmmode:isPreview(pageContext)
  • wcmmode:isDisabled(pageContext)

These would typically be used in a <c:if> tag, e.g.

<c:if test="${empty properties['title'] && wcmmode:isEdit(pageContext)}">
    You probably want to populate the title in the dialog.

Switching between Edit and Preview modes

By default AEM does not reload content when an author switches between Edit and Preview modes. Since wcmmode tags execute server-side, this means they are calculated using the mode the page was originally loaded as. For example, if an author loads a page in Edit mode, and then switches to Preview mode, all content wrapped in <wcmmode:edit> will still display since the page was loaded originally in Edit mode.

In order for wcmmode tags to work correctly as the author switches between Edit and Preview mode without requiring the author to manually refresh the browser page, you can add an authoring client library with category cq.authoring.editor.hook that automatically refreshes the content behind the scenes as the author switches.

(function ($, ns) {
    $(document).on('cq-layer-activated', function (event) {
        // Reload the content frame when switching between authoring modes, so that
        // functionality based on whether the user is Editing or Previewing works
        // correctly w/o having to manually refresh the page.
        if (event.prevLayer && event.layer !== event.prevLayer) {
            if (event.prevLayer !== 'Annotate' && event.layer !== 'Annotate') {
})(jQuery, Granite.author);
Please report any issues with the Feature or documentation on the ACS AEM Commons GitHub Issue tracker.