Dispatcher Flush UI

Available since version 1.2.0


Allow AEM authors (or “super authors”) to flush parts of the dispatcher cache manually without the involvement of IT Operations.

How to Use

  • Log in to AEM Author
  • Navigate to Tools
  • Under the acs-commmons folder, create a folder named “dispatcher-flush” (NOTE: As of 1.6.0, this folder is created automatically)
  • Under the dispatcher-flush folder, create a new Page of Template type “Dispatcher Flush”
    • Note: After v1.2.0, Dispatcher Flush templates creation will be limited to:
      • /etc/acs-commons/dispatcher-flush
      • /etc/dispatcher-flush
      • /etc/replication image
  • Give the page a logical naming (“Brand X Site” or “Brand Y Site”)
  • Open the page and edit the component image
    • Add all the paths you would like to flush for the particular site
    • Select the “flush type”
      • Invalidate Cache touches .stat files invalidating the cache
      • Delete Cache deletes the files from Dispatcher
  • Verify that all the expected Dispatcher Flush Agents are listed below the configuration and the paths are correct. image
  • Press the “Flush Paths” button
    • If the “Flush Paths” button does not appear something is wrong with the configuration or no Flush Agents are available.
    • Note: Resource-Only flush agents are NOT supported.
  • The page will refresh indicating the successful status of your Flush request
  • If there are problems, review the Dispatcher Flush Agent Logs

Note: This requires Dispatcher Flush Replication Agents to be setup on Author. If your Dispatcher Flush agents reside on Publish, you will need to setup a parallel set on AEM Author with the setting of “Ignore Default”


Please report any issues with the Feature or documentation on the ACS AEM Commons GitHub Issue tracker.