Tags Exporter

Available since version 4.8.0

Tags to CSV Exporter

Tags to CSV Exporter gives possibility to export Tags as CSV in one of two formats supported by Tag Maker tool from ACS Tools. Navigate to Tools -> ACS AEM Commons -> Tags to CSV Exporter

ACS AEM Commons menu

Or just simple click on link: http://localhost:4502/etc/acs-commons/exporters/tag-to-csv-exporter.html

Tags to CSV Export

  1. Define path to Your tag root, where You want to start exporting
    • Examples: /etc/tags/my_brand (AEM 6.3), /etc/cq:tags/my_brand (AEM 6.4 and higher)
  2. Choose type:
    • Localized: Tag structure including tag titles in different languages (if applicable), or default language
    • Non localized: Tag structure including only one, main, tag title without data about language
  3. Default localization:
    • If You export tags as localized, You can specify here default language (used if tag does not contain ane language explicite)
  4. Click Download Tags CSV to download the CSV with tags, which can be easily imported via Tag Maker from ACS Tools