Manage Controlled Processes

Available since version 3.10.0


MCP (Manage Controlled Processes) is both a dashboard for performing complex tasks and also a rich API for defining these tasks as process definitions. In addition to kicking off new processes, users can also monitor running tasks, retrieve information about completed tasks, halt work, and so on.

Table of Contents


This section covers usage and is written for end-users, system administrators, and developers.

Process Manager: The main user interface and basic operations.

Tools: Descriptions and guides for various pre-defined MCP-based tools.

Maintenance / Operations: Notes for general maintenance procedures.


This section describes how you build new tools with MCP.

Process Definition: Describes how to write your own custom processes .

FormField Annotations: Generating the start form.

Error handling: Where do errors go?

Generic Report: How to build simple reports with few lines of code.