OSGi Bundle Disabler

Available since version 1.8.0


The OSGi Bundle Disabler allows ensures that OSGi bundles can be stopped by configuration.

AEM contains some bundles (e.g. CRXDE) that are very useful during the development, but should be stopped on production instances. Also it may be desirable to disable certain features that are not in use.

Whilst it is possible to manually stop these bundles through the Felix console, it may be desirable to do this through configuration, so that:

  • the number of manual steps for manual deployment are minimised

  • if the bundle is inadvertently enabled, it will be immediately disabled once more

If a bundle is stopped in the Apache Felix console, that stopped state will persist across restarts. However, there is no way of permanently configuring Apache Felix to never start specific bundle.

This service allows you to specify the symbolic names of bundles that shouldn’t be running.

When the service starts it will check all of the installed bundles and stop any of those specified that are not already uninstalled.

When any bundle is started, the service will receive a BundleEvent notification and stop that bundle if has been specified.

How to Use

  • Define a sling:OsgiConfig’s


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jcr:root xmlns:sling="http://sling.apache.org/jcr/sling/1.0" xmlns:cq="http://www.day.com/jcr/cq/1.0"
    xmlns:jcr="http://www.jcp.org/jcr/1.0" xmlns:nt="http://www.jcp.org/jcr/nt/1.0"

bundles is an array of the OSGi bundle symbolic names to disable.

To find the symbolic name of a bundle, select a bundle in the Apache Felix bundles console and the symbolic name will be listed amongst the properties of that bundle.

Please report any issues with the Feature or documentation on the ACS AEM Commons GitHub Issue tracker.