Package Replication Status Updater

Available since version 1.8.0


Packages are a great way to promote large collections of content from Author to Publish servers. However, package replication does not mark the covered content on AEM Author as activated, making it difficult for content authors to understand if the content is in fact activated. Even more dangerous, OOTB tooling like “delete” and “move” will not automatically deactivate the content resulting in orphaned content on AEM Publish.

The ACS AEM Commons Package Replication Status Updater combats these problems by inspecting the contents of any replicated package, and marking applicable content with the appropriate replication status on AEM Author.

How to Use

To enable Package Replication Status Updating, create a new sling:OsgiConfig node (typically only on AEM Author instances)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jcr:root xmlns:sling="" xmlns:cq=""
    xmlns:jcr="" xmlns:nt=""
    replicated-by="Package Replication"
    replicated-at="Package Last Modified"
  • node-types: A String array of node-types (or mixins) that are candidates for replication status updates.
    • Added in 1.9.0, hierarchy node-type definitions are supported to allow setting replication status on sling:OrderedFolder’s jcr:content nodes. This can be leveraged for custom node-type hierarchies.
    • Added in 3.17.1, path filter, separated from node type restriction with a space (optional part). Each item in this list has the format <nodetype-restriction> (<path-restriction>). The <path-restriction> is a regular expression pattern which must match the resource path of the content whose replication status should be updated.
    • Default (since 3.17.1): [cq:Page/cq:PageContent (?!/conf/.*/settings/wcm/templates/[^/]*/initial).*,dam:AssetContent,rep:User,rep:Group,sling:OrderedFolder/nt:unstructured,cq:ReplicationStatus,nt:unstructured /conf/.*/settings/wcm/policies/.*]
  • replicated-by: Marks the replicator for the package content. Accepts a principal name or any String.
    • Default: Package Replication
  • replicated-at: Marks the replication time for the content. Accepts “Package Last Modified” or “Current Time”
    • Package Last Modified: Marks the content as replicated the last time the Package was modified (aka Built)
    • Current Time: Marks the content as replicated at the current time (now)
    • Default: Package Last Modified
  • replicated-by.override: Marks the replicator for the package content. Accepts a principal name or any String.
    • Default: Package Replication
    • The name replicated-by.override was introduced in v3.10.0. Prior to v3.10.0 and in all 2.x.x releases, the name is replicated-by. v3.10.0+ will automatically fallback to replicate-by if replicated-by.override is not set.

Replicated By enhancement since v3.10.0

Since v.3.10.0, if the replicated-by.override (and previous replicated-by) OSGi configuration properties are left blank, then the actual user that requests the package replication will be used as the cq:replicatedBy value on each contents of the package.

Prior to this enhancement, the value in replicated-by was ALWAYS used as the value for cq:replicatedBy on the replicated package contents.

Job Queue Configuration

The actual work of changing the replication metadata is done in a Sling Job. Under certain circumstances this job may fail (e.g. due to race conditions with versioning (Ticket 1409). Therefore the implicit retry mechanism is sometimes being used.

By default this job is being executed in the AEM main job queue, but it is possible to configure a dedicated queue for the topic acs-commons/replication/package. It is important that this queue configuration should have a value bigger than 0 for queue.retries. An example configuration may look like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jcr:root xmlns:sling="" xmlns:cq=""
    xmlns:jcr="" xmlns:nt=""
    jcr:primaryType="sling:OsgiConfig""ACS AEM Commons - Package Replication Status Updater Jobs"

Service User

On AEM 6.2 or above, this service uses a Service User for repository access. This user is configured with the expected permissions required, but additional permissions may be required if your repository design deviates from the expected structure.

User name: acs-commons-package-replication-status-event-service


  • jcr:read, rep:write, jcr:readAccessControl, jcr:modifyAccessControl on /