Sitemap Generator

Available since version 1.5.0

Deprecation notice

Please prefer the Sitemap feature in AEM WCM Core Components when possible.


Generate a Sitemap XML file in the syntax defined by

How to Use

In order to use this feature, you must have a “home page” page component, e.g. geometrixx/components/homepage. Once you have determined the resource type for this page component, configure a new instance of the com.adobe.acs.commons.wcm.impl.SiteMapServlet servlet with the resource type and, optionally, a domain name configured in the Externalizer component.

sitemap servlet configuration

See for more information on configuring the Externalizer.

Once this is configured, the site map can be generated by requesting a page of the configured resource type with the selector sitemap and the extension xml. The sitemap will contain the current page and all descendent pages, skipping pages which have the “Hide in Nav” flag enabled.

Typically, you will also want to use either Resource Resolver Mappings or mod_rewrite rules in Apache to make the sitemap available the path sitemap.xml at the root of your domain.

OSGi Property Configurations


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<jcr:root xmlns:sling="" xmlns:cq=""
    xmlns:jcr="" xmlns:nt=""
  • sling.servlet.resourceTypes Sling Resource Type that should generate the site map. Usually the home page’s sling:resourceType.

  • externalizer.domain Must correspond to a configuration of the Externalizer component.

Since v2.1.0

  • include.lastmod If true, the last modified value will be included in the sitemap. Defaults to false.

  • The set of JCR property names which will contain the change frequency value. Defaults to none.

  • The set of JCR property names which will contain the priority value. Defaults to none.

Since v2.3.0

  • The JCR property name which will contain DAM folders to include in the sitemap.

  • damassets.types MIME types allowed for DAM assets included in the sitemap.

Since v2.7.0/3.3.0

  • The [cq:Page]/jcr:content property name which if evaluates to true, excludes the Page from the site map. Defaults to backwards compatible property name hideInNav, allowing the Hide In Navigation checkbox to control if the page is excluded from Site map.
    • To disregard all properties, set to a non-existent property: as this will always evaluate to false

Since v2.11.0/3.8.0

  • character.encoding The character encoding for the output from the servlet. If not specified, the container’s default encoding for XML files is used (which is ISO-8859-1 for Jetty).

Since v3.14.0

  • extensionless.urls This property controls whether page links included in sitemap should be generated with or without .html extension. If not specified or specified as false (default), page links will end with .html. If specified as true, path is included with a trailing slash, e.g. /content/geometrixx/en/