Hierarchical Page Property Sling Models Injector

Available since version 4.0.0


Allows for Sling Models to inject a inherited page property (jcr:content of the page) into your sling model. This works whether you have your sling model on the page itself, or if you have a resource that resides under a page. Used PageManager.getContainingPage to retrieve the page.

If the property is not on the current page, will use InheritanceValueMap to attempt to retrieve property from parent pages. Notice: Please consider if using context aware configuration is better for your use case.

Apart from above, behaves exactly like @ValueMapValue, which supports a single primitive value, or a list / collection / array of primitives. Injections are available when adapting either a Resource or SlingHttpServletRequest object. Note: Out of performance reasons, only works with @HierarchicalPageProperty as annotation, not @Inject.


//we set our design property (cq:designPath) on our language root page.
//now we want to use that property in a component that is somewhere down in the hierarchy.

//design property located on:  /content/acs-commons/en/jcr:content

//injected resource path:      /content/acs-commons/en/page/jcr:content/mycomponent

@Model(adaptables = { SlingHttpServletRequest.class, Resource.class })
public class TestModel {

    private String designPath;

    public String getDesignPath() {
        //outputs design property set on our language root page with path: /content/acs-commons/en
        return designPath;
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