Version Comparison Tool

Available since version 2.0.0


While AEM has the ability to compare two version of a single resource, sometimes it can be useful to compare several versions at the same time.

How to Use

In AEM, navigate to the Tools > ACS AEM Commons > Version Compare

In the path field, enter the the path of the page or asset for which you want to view versions and click the Show Versions button.

Version Compare - Web UI

Each property for the page or asset (and its children) will be displayed with a visual indicator of whether the property was added, changed, or removed.

Display Options

  • Paint Connections - adds visual connections between properties
  • Hide Unchanged - removes the unchanged properties from being displayed
  • Hide Versions - removes individual versions from the version list

Configuration Options

You can configure the tool to exclude properties and/or nodes from the comparison. This can be especially useful for system properties/nodes such as MSM related functionality.

  • OSGi config PID com.adobe.acs.commons.version.impl.EvolutionAnalyserImpl
  • supports regex
  • (.*/)?jcr:uuid excludes the property jcr:uuid of all subnodes
  • (.*/)?cq:LiveSyncConfig excludes all subnodes named cq:LiveSyncConfig

Note: Version Comparison Tool requires Apache Sling Models API ( and Apache Sling Models Implementation ( to be at least at version 1.1.0. Get the latest version from Sling Downloads.