Content Traversing - Replicate with Options

Available since version 2.6.2/3.2.2


Replication with Options is a Process steps that will traverse the entire content tree, and process the each dam:Asset, cq:Page or cq:Tag (cq:Tag since version 4.0.0) replicating each node based on the Process Args.

How to Use

Processing the tree in a serial fashion allows for a more controlled workflow execution decreasing the chances of overloading AEM. Setting throttle to true decreases the chances further.

Workflow - Replication with Options

Process Args Options

  • replicationActionType
  • throttle
    • true or false
    • Defaults to false
    • If true, throttles the execution using ACS Commons Throttled Task Runner (part of ACS Commons Fast Action Manager)
  • traverseTree
    • true or false
    • Defaults to false
    • If true, walks the entire content tree under the payload looking for the first dam:Asset nodes to process (does not process sub-Assets)
  • synchronous
    • true or false
    • Defaults to false
    • Typically best to set to true to ensure the replication queue does not build up.
  • suppressVersions
    • true or false
    • Defaults to false
    • Typically best to set to false if version are not required (as their creation is work to be done)
  • agents
    • The node name of the agent to target for replication. For example, to target /etc/replication/, provide the agentId of publish-1.
    • Defaults to empty
    • This is a required field
      • Due to a bug, this requires atleast 1 agent to be provided. When this bug is resolved, the documentation will be updated.
Please report any issues with the Feature or documentation on the ACS AEM Commons GitHub Issue tracker.