Content Traversing - Synthetic Workflow Wrapper

Available since version 2.6.2/3.2.2

AEM as a Cloud Service incompatible!

This feature is not AEM as a Cloud Service compatible, and can only be used on AEM 6.5.


Synthetic Workflow Wrapper is a Process steps that will traverse the entire content tree, and process the each dam:Asset or cq:Page using the provided workflow model as ACS Commons synthetic workflow.

How to Use

Processing the tree in a serial fashion allows for a more controlled workflow execution decreasing the chances of overloading AEM. Setting throttle to true decreases the chances further.

Workflow - Synthetic Workflow Wrapper

Process Args options

  • throttle
    • true or false
    • Defaults to false
    • If true, throttles the execution using ACS Commons Throttled Task Runner (part of ACS Commons Fast Action Manager)
  • traverseTree
    • true or false
    • Defaults to false
    • If true, walks the entire content tree under the payload looking for the first dam:Asset nodes to process (does not process sub-Assets)
  • saveInterval
    • The number of sub-payloads to process before saving.
  • workflowModelId
    • The absolute path to the cq:Workflow to execute as Synthetic Workflow.
    • Note this workflow must be ACS Commons Synthetic Workflow compatible.