Set Replication Status

Available since version 2.12.0/3.9.0


Sets the cq:lastReplicated, cq:lastReplicateBy and cq:lastReplicatedAction on the payload to the values provided in the Workflow process’s PROCESS_ARGS.

During asset migrations, after using a tool like VLT-RCP to transfer assets to a puvblish server, this process can be used in conjunction with Bulk Workflow Manager to mark the assets that were VLT’ed over as replicated.

How to Use

A new Workflow Process step that executes Set Replication Status can be added to a workflow model, and the WF Processes Process ARGS can be supplied as defined below.

Workflow process step

Process Args Options

Set the Workflow Process Steps’ PROCESS_ARGS to a line break-delimited list of property pairs, which are in turn delimited by =.

  • replicationAction
    • The replication action to use in the replication status property
      • CLEAR will remove all replication state from the resource (including replication date, and replicated by)
    • Required field. No default provided.
  • replicationDate
    • The date/time to use in the replicated at property
    • Accepts format: yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm
    • Defaults to Now
  • replicatedBy
    • The user name to use in the replicated by property
    • Defaults to ‘migration’