What ACS AEM Samples is!

Well commented code samples of AEM building blocks to help educate AEM developers. Samples can act as a structural skeletons for your own implementions!

What ACS AEM Samples isn't!

An AEM package that provides "real" functionality. No guarantees exist around the effects of installing this package in AEM; it has not been vetted for unobtrusiveness.

How to use ACS AEM Samples!

Read and learn from the code! When installing this Package directly to AEM for learning purposes, install only on Development environments.



Authenticating users in AEM or getting different security contexts programmatically (Resource Resolvers and JCR Sessions)


Executed in a chain against every HTTP request, Filters provide a powerful hook into the HTTP Request processing context.

Header / Footer - Layout WCM solution

A ready to use setup to handle complex headers and footers by leveraging everything AEM has to offer:

  • Personalized header based on cookies (or anything else)
  • Highly flexible, maintainable, for both authors and developers
  • (Re)publish your header / footer, not all pages that use it
  • Usable with Multi Site Manager, Translations, Template Designer/li>


Completing work with some guarantees.


Filter Nodes and Resources in and out of Lists and Pathfields.

OSGi Services

One of the most powerful abstractions in AEM! OSGi services are the perfect place to develop business logic for re-use across all your AEM applications.


Add custom behaviors to the AEM Replication process.

Requests & Responses

Common patterns when working with Request and Response objects.


HTTP Servlets. GET. POST. 'nuff said.

Sling Adapter Factories

Create your own .adaptTo(..) implementations.

Sling Resources

Sling tooling to mimic and extend Sling Resource abstractions.

Sling Resource Providers

Expose data not in the JCR as if it were in the JCR!

Task Management

Create, update and manage tasks used by the AEM Inbox.

UI Widgets

Build and customize AEM's Touch UI interfaces and dialogs.


Workflow provides a powerful toolset for applying business logic to content in AEM.

Who we are

We are developers that build things for Adobe products including Adobe Experience Manager (AEM, fka CQ, fka Communique).

Please note that the name of this Github organization and repository are from a legacy ownership of the this project. Adobe Consulting Services no longer maintains this project, rather the AEM developer community does.

ACS AEM Commons

An AEM development and component toolkit for bootstrapping any AEM project


A set of tools for AEM to make developer lives easier

ACS AEM Samples

Collection of AEM code samples, examples and templates