Developer Health Checks

Sling Health Check Tools is a Sling module for checking the health of a running Sling system based on a series of Health Check services. ACS AEM Tools includes two Health Checks for evaluating the quality of development deliverables:

  • Component Icon Health Check - ensures that all editable components (components with a dialog, not in the .hidden group and not page component) have an icon.
  • Template Thumbnail Health Check - ensures that all templates have a thumbnail.


For AEM 5.6.1, you will need to manually install the Sling Health Check bundles, downloadable from the Sling Downloads page.


Both health checks need to be configured with the root path(s) of the application code to be checked. This is done using OSGi configuration. Also set in OSGi configuration in a tag which helps to group Health Checks.

Component HC

Template HC

In the case of these screenshots, both Health Checks are tagged with development. Using this tag, you can also create a composite Health Check using OSGi configuration:

Composite HC

Once configured, the Health Checks are testable through the OSGi Web Console or using JMX.

Executing HC

Please report any issues with the Feature or documentation on the ACS AEM Tools GitHub Issue tracker.