Sling Component Debug Filter

Available since version 1.0.0


This feature is useful when there is a need to customise AEM Touch UI and find out the resource paths of AEM Touch UI Granite components. The Devs currently use non-standard techniques to find out the right paths to be overlaid for customising the Touch UI. These techniques are time consuming and does not provide an instant solution.


With this feature the devs can just inspect the HTML of the selected element and find the CRX resource paths in the HTML comments. The solution uses a Sling component filter which filters all requests and injects the resource path in the HTML response of the components.

Screenshots of example:

Asset Finder

Asset Finder

Lock Button

Lock Button

How to enable

  1. Navigate to AEM Web Console > Main > ConfMgr > ACS AEM Tools - Sling Component Debug Filter OSGi Config
  2. Check the Is Enabled checkbox.
  3. Tap the Save button.

  4. Load the HTML page with the component in question, and view source.
  5. Search for acs:resourcePath until the interesting include is found.
Please report any issues with the Feature or documentation on the ACS AEM Tools GitHub Issue tracker.