Test Page Generator

Available since version 0.0.12

Getting Started

Explain Query only works on AEM6 with Oak based repositories (TarMK/MongoMK)

Install the ACS AEM Tools package via the AEM Package Manager and then open Test Page Generator from the AEM Tools console, or directly at /etc/test-page-generator/test-page-generator.html

To get to the AEM Tools console from the Touch UI, from the left rail navigation, select Tools > ACS AEM Tools > Test Page Generator.


Test Page Generator is a utility to automatically generator large numbers of pages to test and validate behaviors at scale.

AEM Test Page Generator

AEM Test Page Generator - Filled Out

  • All Property values will be stored as String or String[]
  • Denote String[] properties by checking Multi and comma-delimitting the values
  • Server-side evaluated JavaScript can be used to create “dynamic values” in properties; If the property value begins with {{ and ends with }} the contents of the braces will be evaluated by the JS Script Engine.
    • All JS must evaluate to a String or Number; expressions evaluating to a JavaScript object will fail.
  • Buckets can be created as CQ Pages or Folders (Since v.0.0.18)

AEM Test Page Generator - Running

  • Be patient while it runs; Large generators can take some time. Performance will differ based on TarPM vs TarMK vs MongoMK as well

AEM Test Page Generator - Complete

  • When complete, some information will be provided and a link to the new content tree in CRXDE Lite

AEM Test Page Generator - Results

  • Spot-check your generated pages to make sure everything looks good!

event-user-data (Since v0.0.30)

event-user-data of acs-aem-tools.test-page-generator is set for modifications invoked by this feature.

Please report any issues with the Feature or documentation on the ACS AEM Tools GitHub Issue tracker.