Manage Redirects

Managing Redirects

Redirects can be created either from the Manage Redirects console or imported from an Excel spreadsheet.

Form Inputs

Create Redirect Configurations

Input Required Description
Source Path Yes Where to redirect from. Can be a path in AEM or a regular expression
Target Path Yes Where to redirect to. Can be a path in AEM or an external URL . Can contain back-references.
Status Code Yes 301 or 302 Warning: The HTTP 301 status code is cached in browsers with no expiry date and cannot be reverted, i.e. once 301 is applied, it is forever
Redirect Until No If the field has a value, the page redirection would work till that date and after that date, the redirection would stop for that entry, If the field has no value, the page redirection would work without any end date (as is)
Notes No Optional notes. Roughly equivalent to a comment near a redirect in an Apache HTTPD conf file

Redirects are supported for pages and assets. You can match by exact path or by a regular expression. Target can include back-references ($N) to the regex pattern which will be replaced by the contents of the Nth group of the regex match.

Redirect target can be a full JCR path ( /content/we-retail/en/about ) or a shortened path (/en/about) compatible with your Dispatcher mod_rewrite rules or an external url ( You can use Sling Mappings or a custom class to rewrite Location header.


Source Target Description
/content/we-retail/hello /content/we-retail/welcome Match a page by path. Redirect /content/we-retail/hello to /content/we-retail/welcome
/content/dam/we-retail/hello.pdf /content/dam/we-retail/welcome.pdf Match an asset by path. Redirect /content/dam/we-retail/hello.pdf to /content/dam/we-retail/welcome.pdf
/content/we-retail/de/about/* /content/we-retail/en/about Wildcard Match. Redirect all pages that start with /content/we-retail/de/about/* to /content/we-retail/en/about
/content/we-retail/es/about/(.*) /content/we-retail/en/about Regex Match equivalent to /content/we-retail/de/about/*. Redirect all pages that match /content/we-retail/de/about/(.*) to /content/we-retail/en/about
/content/we-retail/de/about/(.*) /content/we-retail/en/about/$1 Use a back-reference to redirect german pages (de) to their english versions (en), e.g. /content/we-retail/de/about/team => /content/we-retail/en/about/team
/content/we-retail/(pt-br|de)/(.+)/speakers/(.*) /content/we-retail/en/$1/conference/$2 An example with two back references.
/content/we-retail/hello /en/welcome Return a shortened url (/en/welcome) instead of /content/we-retail/en/welcome . This will work assuming your dispatcher configuration rewrites /en/welcome into /content/we-retail/en/welcome
/content/geometrixx/de/* Redirect to an external domain
/content/we-retail/hello /en/welcome?a=1&b=2 Redirect target can include a query string

Trailing Wildcards

Back References


Note that ordering matters for overlapping regex matches. Rules are evaluated in the order they are defined in the tool and so far that was the order the rules were created.

Assuming you created three overlapping rules, the first one will greedily match all the requests and #2 and #3 will never be used.

/content/we-retail/(.+)/about -> target1
/content/we-retail/en/(.+)/about -> target2
/content/we-retail/en/na/contact-us/(.+)/about -> target3

You can re-order rules by dragging them in the UI:


Export and Import

You can export redirects into a spreadsheet, edit it offline and then import the rules back in AEM.

To export redirects to a spreadsheet switch to the ‘Export’ tab and click the ‘Export Redirect Map’ button:



To import redirects switch to the ‘Import’ tab and click the ‘Import Redirect Map’ button:


The redirect map file will be combined with the redirects configured in AEM to create the final set of redirects.

Please report any issues with the Feature or documentation on the ACS AEM Commons GitHub Issue tracker.